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континенталь молдова

What is a bad site?

04 July 2022, 09:07

Bad site is when a visitor is surfing the Internet to find a product or service that you offer, but do not see your website on the first page. And even if he nevertheless has come to your website, he immediately leaves it.

Though it will make you feel sorrow, the search engine remembers that customers run away from your website and pushes it further into the wilds of the Internet.

Sharik is not Matroskin cat, and therefore their tastes are different: one loves milk and catches mice, and the other does not, one of them is dog and the other one is cat, etc. And they live by the algorithm, and instincts written by nature. Similarly, search engines and website owners have different tastes for online selling sites and their promotion on the Internet!

And how to please capricious Google from overseas, who like a robotic predator is himself on his mind?

There is nothing easier; you just have to stick to hundreds of more or less important rules to create selling sites.

Is it possible to break into search on your own and to take on desired clientele?

It is possible, but with experts it will be more quickly and effectively. Everyone must do his own business and only an expert knows how difficult it is to make a really interesting product, how many nuances and details must be taken into account.

So why, ordering an expensive website from marketing specialists, you save money?

It's because the site created by experts, whose main goal is to increase sales through the website (See Pursue different objectives) will overtake their rivals faster and easier.

In a short time it will return your investment, and bring out to the good sales.
Traffic will consist of strictly targeted customers and you will get the result maximum after 2-3 months, and not after 6 months!
You only need to properly designate for experts, what result you want to get in the end.
A very important piece of advice: do not meddle with imposing your vision of design, website structure and other important moments that should be thought and developed by specialists working on the project.