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Company logo, which produces pallets of European quality

Company logo, which produces pallets of European quality

A task

Create a company logo, which produces and sells pallets of European quality.

europalet.md — to be filled by customer

We delved into the task. Looking at what have the competitors.


Looking for an interesting font decision, immediately pay attention to option # 3. He is best suited on the subject of the customer. The symbols are clear, distinct, unobtrusive given to understand the seriousness of the company and its activity.


We try out different ideas. Looking for a solution where only “text” and “text and sign”. Making the first sketches of ideas which have “right to life”.


Making the first sketches in colors, come up with a couple concepts, we create a presentation.

The customer is asked to paint in another direction. Try again.


The client can not determine the choice, he is asking to draw the variant in accordance with his idea. We make sketches and presentation.

Project team

  • Olesea Zagaria
Art director
  • Alexandr Rusu
  • Sorin Gorcenco
  • Vadim Samoilov

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