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Logo and corporate identity



Develop a corporate identity for a company engaged in retail and wholesale of products in the field of water supply and heating.

The basic version of the logo

Logo is the font style and character. The sign represents the diversity of the company. Blue color and the mark of the sign symbolize lightness and freedom, ocean and stream. Thus, the sign is easily recognizable and memorable.

Clear-cut and plain forms of the sign and logo on the whole can be easily objectified on any material and look great at both small and large.

Terms of use of the logo, brand elements, fonts and colors are detailed in the manual.

Broadside is from brand-book about fonts

Broadside on inappropriate use

We make the first sketches, looking for directions, watching interesting variants of existing logos.

In the process of drawing an idea to play up the letter "D" occures, so we can identify the logo and thus prevent it from looking like its competitors.

We develop the idea with the sign and work with it "in vector", adding ideas.

In parallel, we select an appropriate, rigorous font.

Having defined with the font, we try what different signs look like.

We look what horizontal versions of the logo without sign will look like.

Having defined with the sign, we prepare a presentation.

We present the logo
The customer approves the concept 2. We put the finishing touches.
We prepare the final presentation.

Project team

  • Olesea Zagaria
Art director
  • Alexandr Rusu
  • Sorin Gorcenco
  • Alexandr Rusu

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