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«The site of the official «Chevrolet» dealer in Moldova»


A task

Create a website business directory, the site must be different from the official, provide all the necessary information about the company, a complete list of cars with mileage, car in stock and a lineup to order. — to be filled by customer

In the header we fix the most important sections that are available on all pages and even when the site is scrolled vertically.

Model range and cars in stock
These pages show information about cars in the model range and cars in the warehouse. In the car card from the model line a full presentation of the car, in the car in the warehouse - a brief information about the car.
Adaptive version
The site is adapted for all kinds of devices: monitors, computers, tablets and telephones. The principle of adaptive grid in 2 resolutions is used.
Some interesting details of the presentation

We go into the activity of the company, and proceed to draw the block diagram of the site.

All prototypes
On the basis of prototypes we write technical task, we discuss it with the client and we undertake to design the main page.
The designer does the first "strokes".
Designer: "There is an idea to make a slider in the form of a" fade "effect, on widescreen monitors you can see part of the previous and next slide".

Art director chooses option number 1 and advises to abandon the gradients and work further in the style of "flat." Also offers a block of "special. suggestions "to be removed to the main slider and horizontally tabs of news.

The designer makes comments.

We invite the client, prepare a presentation and approve the design of the main page.
The concept of the main is approved, polished and we undertake to draw internal ones.
Draw a lineup, cars in a warehouse and a car with a mileage. We prepare the remaining pages and present the client.

Project team

  • Olesea Zagaria
Art director
  • Alexandr Rusu
  • Sorin Gorcenco
  • Roman Casian
  • Alexandr Rusu

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