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«Adaptive online store for the wine manufacturer of Arta-Vinului»

Responsive online store

A task

To create an adaptive online store for the wine manufacturer of «Arta-Vinului» brand. — to be filled by customer

Home page of the online store adapts to any modern device.

Adaptive version

The site is adapted to any modern devices. This allows you to keep a clear structure of the site and the convenience of information reading.

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A few figures

designed layouts for all resolutions
days we were working on the site
consumed cups of coffee
hours of negotiations

Product catalog

Multifunctional catalog, browsing products arranged in a table or list, the possibility to sort and filter products to taste.

Showing products in a table

Showing products in a list

Product Card

Functional Product Card with reviews, product characteristics and the possibility to buy goods in 1 click.

Purchase form in 1 click

Product ratings

Product reviews

Contact Information

Information on all existing stores throughout the Republic of Moldova.

Each store is assigned with data about location addresses, contact numbers, e-mail and directions on the map.

Feedback Form

Examining the activities of the company and the current site.

It becomes clear that the old site is worthless and it is necessary
to create a new one, a modern online store that sells.

We delve into the task and start browse on Google. We look for directions and ideas.

We consider obsolete the design in the style of "barrel" texture and we decided
to not work in this direction.

We find some interesting ideas. We will draw a design in the "flat" style,
minimum shadows and maximum functionality.

We collect the preliminary prototypes and discuss with the client. The client requests to implement a filter on the main page.
We consider this in the block diagram.

We start to develop the design concept of the main page.

We invite the client to approve it.
The direction was chosen correctly, we continue to work.

We draw the rest of layouts for different grids (phone, tablet, laptop, PC).

We prepare all the layouts for presentation.
We invite the client, he approves, we finalize the details.
We’re running the development.

Project team

  • Olesea Zagaria
Art director
  • Alexandr Rusu
  • Den Negura
  • Roman Casian
  • Vadim Samoilov

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