континенталь молдова

Landing-page dry-cleaner's Akuratti company


A task

Attracting new customers, prompt familiarization with services, prices and location of reception centers, active feedback, maintaining company's image.

akuratti.mdto be filled by customer

One-page site with the possibility to see the full price list of all services or a specific service. Interactive map of dry-cleaners, can be sorted by region and city.

We start our work on the project. We develop a prototype of the future project.

We invite the client to discuss the prototype. We approve the provisional website prototype. We begin to gather information for the work on the design. We generate ideas and associations.

We are making the first "touches" and prepare the presentation in several variations.

КThe client chooses the horizontal reviews. He requests to remove the block "Shares" and bubbles as they raise unnecessary association, and instead of the block "A few words about the company" he proposes to make a slider. He considers important to add a new block "Our nominations."

The customer chooses the option with horizontal position of "Nominations" and "Shares" blocks and makes comments on the "Nominations" block. He strongly requests to make the phone blue and smaller. We take the remarks into account.

The design is approved, we sent it for development.

Project team

  • Olesea Zagaria
  • Alexandr Rusu
  • Nikolai Cholak
  • Alexandr Rusu

Make request

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