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континенталь молдова

Should we create websites on free CMS?

07 July 2016, 14:58

Worth it! Because they are several times faster and cheaper!

This is extremely important, because the most important thing is the low cost of the work, rather than an increase in sales and increase awareness of your brand.

Do you agree? Then, do not hesitate to order the cheapest website!

So you're not ready to have a professional, successful product and do not understand the true value of selling site  (See Anti-crisis page).

The desire to get the most benefits with minimal investment is quite normal for a human. Often you can find ads "I will build a website quickly and inexpensively", having been published by various companies, freelancers, students, school children, etc. And professional web studios in any case do not want to compete with this sector; it's just not their client. It’s like repairing sophisticated automatic transmission at an ordinary service station instead of taking it to center specialized in transmission.

It’s a utopia to thrust a selling site with unique design or other ways of development on a client, if he has not moved away from manual labor, and thinks that ordering his website on an open source CMS, he will get a sales tool. Yes he will, only it will be a club from the time of ancient man.



A miser pays twice or not?

Order a website for $ 150 and tell everyone how it came out cheaply and quickly to appear on the Internet and become a successful entrepreneur, blogger, etc. – that is what you need to be completely happy, isn’t it?

Of course, when you see such a ridiculous price of creating a website, you understand that the developer is simply an altruistic and kind person, willing to work only for food, just to do everything for your well-being!

And when you're ready to pick up the phone and call such a developer, remember folk wisdom where a free lunch is, and that a miser pays at least twice. And if something else came to mind it is excellent! So, all is not lost.

A decision to buy "cheap and cheerful" can be rarely justified. This is especially true in IT-sphere, in particular, in the creation and promotion of websites. There are various means of transportation and it’s up to you to choose your vehicle to success:



Let's consider a few pitfalls that you will encounter buying a cheap website:

1. Ready-made design

At least, it is stupid, having minimum budget, to count on high-quality, fundamental design and drawing all the necessary details. “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”
Arthur Conan Doyle

In this case, it all comes down to the situation, when designer is trying as quickly as possible to rivet the options from which you will be required to select the appropriate one.

Most likely, you will become the proud owner of a typical site. Do not despair, you will not be alone, there are millions of such websites on the Internet, however, they aren't interesting neither for any search engine, nor for users, nor even for their owners. Most likely, the conversion of such a website will tend to zero.

And yes, I would disappoint the bustlers, for the development of a prototype really selling site could easily take a month, or even two. But instead this website will give ten times more leads (clients) than competitors' website.

2. Technical support

Website developer should be able to provide competent and professional customer support. But it's hard when you have no idea what is there inside the template created by another developer.

Website on free or cheap CMS is a software product that all the hackers try to crack, simply because there are a lot of cracking manuals and a unique website is quite beyond their means!


3. CMS or Administrative Panel

Having orders for cheap sites they usually use a variety of the CMS, written in Joomla and WordPress, that did not seem so bad, as there are a lot of different features and intuitive interface. Here you enter the admin panel, and there is a huge list of features, on your choice, except that you do not need this functionality!

It's as if a car would have a dash board for aircraft.

It's all because the template is not created for a specific project, but for projects of different directions, and you are forced to seek the 10 functions you need among a hundred or more unnecessary and confusing settings. Unlike the unique control panel drawn up for you that will be:

  • Designed for a specific website, respectively, it is lighter and has fewer features needed for specific tasks of the website.
  • Easy to use: set up in a few clicks
  • Do not use third-party databases and is not demanding for hosting
  • Does not require a lot of resources, optimum rate of hosting is suitable, saving customer's money
  • Optimized for SEO to promote your website:  search engines will love your website: fast indexing, higher positions
  • Consists of unique files, which means that it will be better protected than public CMS system
  • And much more.

4. Cheap websites promotion.

- It is crying crocodile tears specialist in website promotion, forced to "push in the Internet a clumsy,  unshovable  website", it is a business owner who is crying from lack of customers and his wife crying because of amount of misspent money.

Is there any website owner, who doesn't want to be in the TOP?

But any cheap website, written in a template, does not have a unique software code, and search engines see that and put such sites to the end of queue. And these sites will never get a lot of traffic, and may even fall under filters that will signal the search engines to ignore them.

As a result, traffic is zero, and you may even get into blacklist.

You spend your money on promotion of the website and its advertising on the Internet, but it is possible to have a very different value from these investments. You just have to develop a website with high conversion, which will result in increased sales. Attracting new customers to your website with low conversion is the same as trying to get a fat man sprint with a professional athlete or fill a colander! It is necessary to create conditions for the efficient conversion and then implement an effective sales system, and only then to increase traffic to the site, but many do the opposite.



Making a site on a template is possible and necessary if you want to create a personal blog, or work "on cats" in the creation of websites.

You should not create a website on the template, if you are planning an earnest commercial project. Choose a specialized CMS for your site type (there are excellent pay platforms for online shopping) or individual CMS, which can be customized by programmers specifically for your project, taking into account all the nuances.