Pursue different objectives

06 October 2016 ,10:28

Most web studios and customers have different goals. Moreover they are completely opposed. Customer pursues such goals as: orders, customers and money.

And most web studios' task is to make a cool, bright, beautiful and modern work with a classy design to justify the amount they have taken. Especially because then bright, noticeable design can attract more customers and thus sell even more of its services.

Therefore, ordering a website at a web studio that doesn't know how to create the right, in terms of marketing, websites, you do not understand the importance of online selling website (See. Briefly about sell online site) and you had never had one, otherwise you would not do such stupid things.

It is proved that if you tell a child from an early age that sour is sweet, he or she will have formed an opinion opposite to the common one. Moreover, it will be the only right opinion for him/her!

That's how quite numerous "experts" impose their opinion on entrepreneurs regarding the selling site.

Ordering a website, without knowing exactly what you want to get to the exit, or ordering cheap development of the site, be prepared for the fact that your developer will be absolutely indifferent to its effectiveness. He will fight for the beauty, elegance and fashion of the website, and not for its selling properties.

In fact, modern and beautiful is not equal to effective!

Therefore, carefully choose the professionals in their field, which will design a selling website for you and exactly know what results you are seeking to achieve!