континенталь молдова
континенталь молдова

Priorities of a Customer in the customer's search.

07 July 2016, 14:49

Our entrepreneurs often do not correctly prioritize in search of fish places, or wrongly believe in the correctness of the finding of a school of clients. It is essential to line up priorities correctly, and to have a contemporary understanding of the market. And the website usually takes undeserved last place in the list of priorities. Always there is not enough time and budget for company's website.

And it's not right, you never forget to wash yourself in the morning, to put on clean clothes, to order water to the office, to do the cleaning in the office, to pay for utilities, etc., that is doing everything to be well perceived by your client. So why the site that can bring additional revenue is the latest in your list of priorities? And with all this, this fact is perceived as itself a normal state of affairs!

Businessmen heard about allegedly new marketing techniques, try to add some  raisins and chips on a website by hiring programmers, but do it haphazardly, indistinctly, or, conversely, too loudly, not realizing until the end, how to achieve an increase in sales from the site. And by these haphazard actions they put the development of high-quality marketing site again at the end of the priority list.

And our people don’t want to concentrate and make the development of high-quality site the top priority for two weeks (See Make time for the important things!) and only then use the results and look for a cash cow!

We pity these entrepreneurs, and let us show empathy and compassion in a minute of silence for their websites!

With sadness and hope for the best.                    


Author — Olesya Zagaria, manager of UNIWEB company.