Make time for the important things!

07 July 2016 ,14:37

You come to a Web studio saying: "Make me a good website" and get reply: "This is an entire process, it's not so easy, it will take at least 3 months and will cost 1500 Euros" and, most likely, you will get  an ordinary website with a nice design.

And if you find a little time and come understanding the subtleties of selling website, with drawn, even by hand, block-diagram and basic ideas, you can get more specific time frame to build the site with the understanding what you will get as a result and, of course, you will get the price adequate to your request.

However, you can then decide that it would be more correct to further develop your website by your own, hiring a programmer, who will be a designer at the same time!

And it does not matter that you do not know all the intricacies of selling website and you do not have any experience in the creation of these important products. You would think that the idea of the development of such an important source of sales as a selling site, cannot be delegated to anyone - this should be your area of responsibility, and professionals must be engaged only in the implementation of your idea. All right, just know that when you will come to experts with your sketches and ideas, and when these "experts" without any objection or recommendation will take all your ideas at face value, and with a generous smile, will promise you that they will do everything as you want – shake a leg and run from there! (See Should we create websites on free CMS)

True experts, who are fighting for their reputations and think about future recommendations of clients, never go on about it, even with a strong customer desire to do so.  If it will not work effectively for the sale, they will try to explain how to make a selling site properly, and for the sake of short-term profits rather say no, then would make one more ordinary site.


Jot down all your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions and look for a jeweler who will make the right facet for your selling website.


Sincerely, marketer Stefan.