Page of Capture or landing page

08 July 2016 ,06:12

You spend your money on promotion of the website and its advertising on the Internet, but it is possible to have a very different effect from these investments.  It is necessary to increase the conversion rate of your website that in case of same visitors’ traffic leads to increased sales.

Attracting new customers to your website with low conversion is the same as trying to fill a colander. It is necessary to create conditions for the efficient conversion and then implement an effective sales system, and only then to increase the traffic of the website, but many do the opposite. Unfortunately, many are engaged in self-medication without any knowledge of the intricacies of these priority areas for sales and only after that turn to professionals.

To substantially increase the conversion of your website you must help visitor to go through the decision-making stage, preferably within one page (see Briefly about sell online site). It is difficult to gain high conversion from an ordinary website, and telling the truth, it is impossible.

For high conversion from advertising a website in the Internet there is a need for special landing pages or target pages (see Anti-crisis page). Each element of such page is sharpened to capture visitor's attention and to convince him to make concrete actions right now.

Few business owners know about the magical properties of these pages. You write text, make headlines and design of the proposed product or service and see how visitors are converted into customers and, if necessary, you can easily adjust the page, according to the statistics.

Landing pages are divided into two types: generator of leads (customers) and click farther. The first type results in concrete actions: to buy, to register, to subscribe, to leave your comments, etc. The second type stirs up to further actions.

And we know that by hook or by crook the site must please not only its master-businessman-owner, but also two gentlemen: the visitor and All the Web – Yandex and Google.


Sincerely, manager Olesya. Bye.