Briefly about sell online site

22 June 2016 ,15:00

Sell online site is a website, removing visitor's objections. It's like a professional manager's work in an exhibition hall, he is not dumb and gains entering customer's interest in purchase, at that, every business owner understands the need for such a manager in the company, but with all this understanding, many owners think that simply beautiful, a good website is enough. So why for the position of manager you are looking for not only a good man, but also a professional in sales? Probably because good man is not a profession!

An effective selling site from the very first page should answer, at least, visitor's four main questions. If there is no answer, then the probability that the visitor will leave the website is very high. Accordingly, the conversion of such a website will be very low, if not equal to 0.

Where I am?

This question must be answered briefly and clearly for visitor could immediately understand what you do, without any mottos and philosophical murkiness.

It must be written in words in large, normal font or comprehensible image.

Here, as well as, in principle, almost everywhere, sphere of activity and the ability to play it up on the website is very important, as well as the density of competitors, fantasy of art director, marketer and designer of leading project.

Is it advantageous for me? 

You have to show that it makes sense to stay on this website, as there  is 100% guarantee, free shipping, that is, to give USP (unique selling proposition). If you do everything correctly, then the visitor will be ready to study your prices and conditions, and thus he will stay to learn more about the website.

Can I trust them?

It is necessary to provide good arguments about the company and about the goods or services offered. The results of your success are in numbers, not words, scanned official documents, photos of office and employees, your customers' reviews and photos of the process of work, etc.

What shall I do to get it?

The customer is ready! All you need to do now is to lead him strictly to the path we need: if he have to choose a good in his cart, register, call, fill application, he should do it intuitively, fast and easily.


Good luck! Sincerely Art director of UNIWEB company.