Anti-crisis solution

Imagine, there is a market downturn … However, your earnings grow despite the general crisis. Moreover, the lion's share of sales are via the Internet, they take place automatically and which is the most important, they require very little of your time and attention. And all this without inflating advertising budget and sales team!

  • You think it does not happen?
  • You think that the economic downturn knock down all?
  • You think that sales will melt before your eyes, and competitors will take away а market share?

In fact, it’s much easier to find a way, you just need to know where to put plantain!

Uniweb anti-crisis solution

It is a comprehensive solution that with the help of various tools securely increases your income in any economic situation and takes the lead.

Learn more about anti-crisis solution for your business!

Anti-crisis solution — what is it and how it works

These are different internet marketing tools. Depending on the situation, they are used in combination, and individually in order to achieve the main goal - to increase the guaranteed income of your business!

It is important: The anti-crisis solution gives a prolonged effect, which demands of you minimum of time and attention.

The actual results obtained in practice

Marketing website

Attracting targeted visitors via variety of methods

Conversion of visitors into applications

Conversion of applications into sales

Why this scheme will work in your case and will increase your revenue?

Because website is the main sales center on the Internet. The websites that we develop sell much better than most others. And dry figures tell about it better than 1000 words:


It is considered an excellent conversion of website visitors into an application


Average conversion of websites created by Uniweb


Maximum conversion of websites created by Uniweb

Unique guarantees for you

Guarantee №1: right on time
Performance time is fixed in the contract. For our part we are 100% responsible for compliance with these terms.
Guarantee №2: no surcharges
The cost of all works within the framework of anti-crisis solutions is initially known and fixed in the contract. We guarantee that this figure will remain unchanged.
Guarantee №3: concrete result
Your website will 100% comply with each clause of technical specifications, and if we are engaged in its promotion in the Internet, it will come out in the top 3 search engines by a predetermined list of requests. If it does not happen, then we will refund your money. And this is also recorded in the contract!

Two gifts for you

When creating a website
1 year free hosting

When promoting the website!
A valuable gift

Your 6 benefits when working with us

Benefit №1: no extras
A detailed analysis of the specifics of your market and competitors. And only after it, based on the data obtained, we offer the best solution.
Benefit №2: fast payback
Anti-crisis solution is your investment.
Practice shows that the Uniweb's anti-crisis solution becomes an investment for our customers, which gets repaid unbeatably quickly and significantly increases revenue.
Benefit №3: your own face in the Internet
Many websites look alike.
Some of them are like brothers, the others like more distant relatives. Why?
Because, often, developers do them on the same popular templates.
We have solved this problem. In Uniweb you get from A to Z unique website, having its own face. We bring to life any of your desires, as when creating a website from scratch there is no restriction.
Benefit №4: decent savings
No, we do not promise you the lowest price for our anti-crisis solution. We guarantee that the value of our services, which are part of this solution, in most cases will be lower than the average, with a similar quality.
Benefit №5: no risk
You work with a company that is considered to be a veteran in your niche. For behind our shoulders there are:

More than 7 years of experience

More than 270 websites created from scratch

More than 80 successful companies to promote websites

Call and get the possibility to increase your sales, but until then our manager is silent and not able to help you.

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